Figma Hoshimura Makina Preview


A Preview shot from the latest issue of Figure Maniacs magazine, informing us of the upcoming figure of “Figma Hoshimura Makina” from Shikabane Hime by Max Factory.^^

Super small image, can’t really make out the release date, but looks like she’s set for April 2009 release if my eyes were correct.

Via Figure/GK.



5 Responses to “Figma Hoshimura Makina Preview”

  1. Ayu Says:

    … how can you even see that?!

    Anyways, I wonder how (where the scan was from) got that magazine early… on HobbySearch it isn’t released yet…

  2. th Says:

    Eh…looks rather generic. Hoshimura needs an ultra-stylised PVC, which I would pre-order in a second. I’ll save my money until then.

  3. holybox Says:

    awesome this is a get for me.

  4. Paul Says:

    I’m trying to cut back on Figma purchases, but what I can see looks awfully tempting.

  5. lovelyduckie Says:

    A Figma with a gun…I have no idea who she is but she has a gun and lovely braids in her hair…

    (looks up series….)

    Wow I just read the plot of the series she is from! Sounds great! I’m getting her! I love it when a figure makes me find a new series that sounds awesome!

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