Figma Miku Special Preview


For those who watched the LIVE broadcast of GSC x Max Talk Show after Wonder Hobby 9 ended at NicoNicoLive should probably have seen this already. Finally we get to see a clear image of her ^^

The above image is the “Figma Hatsune Miku Special Ver.” which will be given as prizes to 10 Lucky Winners of the Photo Contest. It’s based on Hatsune Miku‘s “Love is War” design ^^

Via Mikatan’s Blog.


3 Responses to “Figma Miku Special Preview”

  1. enish Says:


    And I thought one Miku Figma was enough…I’d love to have this, but sadly, this beauty is out of my reach.

  2. haruFAILS Says:

    Oh. Hot. Dang.

    I want this so bad. ;____;

  3. Makena Says:

    That’s hot. Where do I get one?

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