Figma Kyon’s Sister


A really well custom-made Figma Kyon’s Sister ^^



He also has made some Figma accessories plus quite a number of custom Figma, which include Yuki and Mikuru in their Adventure attire ^^


Right now he’s trying to custom made a Figma Taiga from Toradora.


You can view his progress Here.

Not related to his work, but here’s a complete Figma Taiga ^^


Via Figure/GK.


4 Responses to “Figma Kyon’s Sister”

  1. enish Says:

    Those all look amazing! I’m especially impressed by the Adventure Mikuru and Yuki Figmas.

  2. Hatchuu Says:

    Wow, I love the adventure outfits set.

  3. Snark Says:

    How the hell do they make such awesome customs?? I must learn their secret!

  4. NHKguy Says:

    Im impressed by all the customs~!
    I wish they would make Taiga..

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