Double Griffon Release

The following 2 new entries from Griffon Enterprises are now ready for reservations ^^





Name: Minamoto Chizuru
Scale: 1/7
Series: Kanokon
Release Date: May 2009
Retail price: 8,800 Yen





Name: Angel of Light Nanael
Scale: 1/7
Series: Queen’s Blade
Release Date: May 2009
Retail Price: 7,800 Yen

Hobby Search is taking reservations for both of them as of today.

Best bargain probably Chizuru, since you can switch between her Normal and Fox form. Also, I think it’s the best looking Chizuru figure up-to-date, although there is still the Kotobukiya’s one ^^;

Both figures are cast off-able ^^

Lost of new stuffs went up for reservations today ( ^ _ ^ );


2 Responses to “Double Griffon Release”

  1. Soth Says:

    I was really expecting that Nanael figure because the sculptor is an expert in angel related characters, but the face doesn’t resemble the original design at all.
    I think that Hiroman should keep doing Oh! My Goddess figures (and someone release them as PVC figures with an affordable price).

  2. Quazacolt Says:

    yes. chizuru kthx lol. and yeah, definitely best looking and prolly most detailed chizuru till date as well. i think this is a buy.

    mmm need to build myself an ookami/kitsune shrine XD

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