Nendoroid Kaito GSC Version


A custom made Nendoroid Kaito with the same colour scheme and customization as the Photo Contest prize “Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Good Smile Company Ver.” ^^

Of course the figure is not for sale or anything ^^;

The other Nendoroid that’s on Kaito’s right, you probably recognized her. She’s the character that’s on Mikatan’s Blog banner, and most probably that character is representing Mikatan herself ^^; Nendoroid Saber Lion is used as a Base model for her.

Oh, and no one messed with Kaito~XD


Via Mikatan’s Blog.


3 Responses to “Nendoroid Kaito GSC Version”

  1. Hatchuu Says:

    That is so cute! And that animation made me LOL so hard. <:D

    Kaito has finally been restocked! I was so worried! INSTANT BUY.

  2. enish Says:

    That GIF is amazingly GAR!

    I love all those Nendoroids in the first picture. “Mikatan” looks like she’s giving a thousand-mile stare XD.

  3. cidoes Says:

    Thx for the interesting pic!XD

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