Figma Kyon Deer + Figma Mikuru Cultural Accessories Previews


Max Factory updated their Figma’s Blog with preview images of the Free Figma Accessories that will be bundled together with the upcoming “Figma Asahina Mikuru Waitress Ver.” and “Figma Tsuruya-san Cultural Festival Ver.” ^^


As we all have known from the recent Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2009 event, the upcoming “Figma Asahina Mikuru Waitress Ver.” will come with this cool looking Kyon’s Head in Deer Costume accessories for use with Figma Kyon.



The good thing is that the face isn’t attached to the Deer costume permanently, which means that you can switch it with other faces ^^


Also, on other news, the upcoming “Figma Tsuruya-san Cultural Festival Ver.” will also come with an extra accessories Frontal Hair part for Mikuru, so you can recreate a “Figma Asahina Mikuru Cultural Festival Ver.” of the figure ^^


Of course, you need other parts from Figma Asahina Mikuru School Uniform Ver. or the upcoming Figma Asahina Mikuru Cheerleader Ver. to make that ^^;


Reservations will open soon for both Figma(s). They sure know how to “lure” us in~XD

Via Figma’s Blog.


5 Responses to “Figma Kyon Deer + Figma Mikuru Cultural Accessories Previews”

  1. Umeboshi Says:

    I’m impressed with their marketing strategy…

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    The original set is still enough for me. But if I hadn’t been able to snag the MF PVC Figures of Mikuru in the waitress outfits I’m sure I’d buy the new Mikuru Figmas.

  3. Minaru Says:

    I wish Max Factory wouldn’t stick TOO much to the Haruhi series..

    While I love their products, I don’t know if I like have more than one (or two) characters at a time.

    Meh…might as well. The Kyon accessory is fun

  4. yuuichikun Says:

    Damn Max Factory, you must really love taking my money XD

  5. garturo62 Says:

    wat you need the pieces from different figmas to create that you need to pay alot more.

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