Attack of The Clones – Beware Of Fake Konata


More fakes that you guys need to be cautioned of when purchasing your stuffs. Good Smile Company updated their Imitation Info Page earlier with the addition of Nendoroid Izumi Konata Comptiq Ver. into the list.

As usual, differences include Packaging Design and Printing, plus the Quality of the Sculpt and Paints.

Below are the comparison (Left is Genuine, Right is Fake):






Please be careful peeps!! ( ‘ A ‘ )>

More detailed info Here.



5 Responses to “Attack of The Clones – Beware Of Fake Konata”

  1. Uzumakiworld Says:

    Argh…. Unfortunately, my first ever figure happened to be that fake Konata Nendoroid… ><; Didn’t know any better at the time. ‘Bought her on ebay.

    Kinda sucks having to point to a fake figure when your friends ask you “So, which was the first of your collection?”

    The parts of the fake are also very badly done, and the back of the inside-part of the head will give you nightmares!

    Konata is adorable nonetheless, Real or Fake.

  2. Hatchuu Says:

    There’s also a Shakugan No Shana Enpatsu. ver Nendoroid counterfeit now, just look on ebay!

  3. ChuaChuram Says:

    Bootleggers should be jailed >_< But the paint job on the original was very poor. For that version of her anyway ._.

  4. pupil Says:

    oo well.. I prefer the fake ones though.. they are cheaper.. since JPY is increasing…. the fake is not that different than the original one anyway… or maybe because I’m not that fussy

  5. Shannon Says:

    Don’t feel bad. yesterday my parents got me my first nendo, a miku, and it was fake ;-;
    it was better quality than the one on the goodsmile page, though. i like it anyway πŸ˜€

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