Bishoujo Figure Yearbook 2008 First Look


Bishoujo Figure Yearbook 2008 hit the shelves earlier and Akiba Hobby showed us a first look of the content of the catalogue ^^



One thing that I noticed is that they include the Limited Edition and Exclusive items in the list. They even sort the list out by Series, Company, Character, Release Date, etc.





This 208-coloured page catalogue by Kotobukiya can be yours for 3,360 Yen retail price ^^

More at Akiba Hobby.

Hmm gonna check out Kinokuniya, and see if they have it ( ^ _ ^ )



5 Responses to “Bishoujo Figure Yearbook 2008 First Look”

  1. Shinky Says:

    Too bad they don’t have English version eh? If not sure buy~ >.<“

  2. gordanham Says:

    Bet then window shopping in my opinion^^;
    In the fourth picture from the top, is that a Elfen Lied figure?

  3. Kouji-kun Says:

    Please report back if Kino has this.

  4. Pasu Says:

    Yep, seem to be [url=]Nyuu[/url] and [url=]Nana[/url]

  5. Ayu Says:

    Can’t find this anywhere online other than Japanese sites…

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