Alter’s Yagyu Jubei Preview + Other Info


Continuing where we left off, finally we get to see the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Yagyu Jubei” by Alter from the new Hyakka-Ryoran series in Full Colour!! ^^

Another good news is that she finally given a release date for August 2009 release, although there is still no price yet.

Looking better than I thought. Definitely on my get list ^^


*cough* Well, there’s always a bad news that comes with the good news. The bad news is that the other release of figure from the series, which is “Sanada Yukimura”, will be another Hobby Japan magazine mail order exclusive.

Reservations for the figure will start on May 25th, 2009, as soon as the next issue of Hobby Japan magazine hits the shelves. The figure itself is scheduled for July 2009 release.

Ugh, I was planning to collect the series, but I guess it’s going to be harder than expected ( > _ < );

From the latest issue of Hobby Japan magazine Via Figure/GK.


6 Responses to “Alter’s Yagyu Jubei Preview + Other Info”

  1. Yuina Says:

    Wait a sec, so Yagyu Jubei is not a Hobby Japan magazine mail order exclusive? only Sanada Yukimura? yay! so I can get Yagyu Jubei “easily” ^o^

  2. Panther Says:

    What happened to Sanada Yukimura’s manliness!? OMG THE HORROR

  3. Oni-kun Says:

    meh, if Sanada Yukimura looks like that, i don’t really wanna get him/her! let me go see what the other figures in the series look like. ^_^

  4. Alter Yagyu Jubei - 柳生十兵衛 ( やぎゅうじゅうべえ ) | Says:

    […] Click here to view post on Alter’s Yagyu Jubei at wcloudxkumo […]

  5. Veni Says:

    Alter always sending me to the poor house…

  6. oneandonlyjem Says:

    Y’know this isn’t exactly the first time a franchise has completely changed the background, facts, even gender of a historical figure. It’s called anime and the art’s been out for awhile that it would all be girls.

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