ebCraft’s Selvaria Bles Preview


A preview scan from the latest issue of Hobby Japan magazine, featuring the upcoming 1/6 scale figure of “Selvaria Bles” from Valkyria Chronicles by ebCraft.

Continuing where we left off, she finally have a price set on her. The figure is scheduled for release sometime in 2009 this year at 16,800 Yen retail price.

I kind of expected the price to be over 10,000 Yen with that quality and height (35cm), but didn’t expect it to be that expensive. Either way, I will wait for the final product.

I have super high expectation on this since ebCraft tend to have their final product differ from the original prototype. When I say “differ”, it meant in a bad way ( ^ _ ^ )


5 Responses to “ebCraft’s Selvaria Bles Preview”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    Ooooooh! Thats a nice long sword ^^

  2. Q Says:

    Looks more like a lance to me.

  3. Kev Says:

    I’ll just wait for the ALTER version.

  4. Baldulf Says:

    Well,the Dark Eclair from Ebcraft was pretty decent,maybe they started doing their job properly.

    French Doll + Selvaria means lot of win,but it’s far more expensive than I have expected.

  5. Veni Says:

    Too rich for my blood…Have so many pre-orders and soon to be pre-orders already. >.<

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