FREEing’s Hiiragi Twins Teaser


FREEing‘s next in line from Lucky Star, featuring 1/4 scale Hiiragi Kagami and Hiiragi Tsukasa in their Gym suit, was on display for the first time at Good Smile Company Golden Week Exhibition Special event starting today at Akihabara.


Unfortunately, no photography allowed, but Asanon kindly showed us an image of them. It’s “blurred” out though ^^;

Via Asanon’s Blog.


8 Responses to “FREEing’s Hiiragi Twins Teaser”

  1. Actar Says:

    Why Gym clothes? Would have gotten them all and enshrined them if they were wearing their winter Sera Fukus. (^.^;)

  2. louki Says:

    Actar> If you don’t mind, think 2 minutes like a businessman. Winter Sera Fukus can be possible when you make Figma or nendoroids but here, we’re talking about 1/4 figure scale ! This cost a lot of bucks to produce so it make more sense that they will choose the Gym clothes because it’s more sexy and appealing. Same thing for the 7 haruhi bunny girls.

  3. NoNo Says:

    The nendoroid puchi figures they have blurred out next to them are the Death Note ones :3

  4. Ayu Says:

    YES YES YES I canceled lots of orders just for Kagamin <333

  5. garturo62 Says:

    I need the tsukasa was about to spend my money but have to save to get her ahhh

  6. Marshmallow Says:

    Like Actar, I would have loved the sailor fuku much more. Lucky Star has ugly gym uniforms. But the clothes on these are probably removeable like the 1/4 Konata probably is, so you could find some 1/4 doll clothes maybe?

  7. meronpan Says:

    @actar agreed, would totally prefer seifuku… or even better, as miko 😛 @louki but since 1/4 figures are already so expensive, i’d rather pay more for what i want ^^;

  8. louki Says:

    meronpan> Yeah, but how many people will do like you and actar ? Business mens must think about what will sell the more and from this point of view, the Gym suit beat the winter Sera Fukus ^^

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