Volks’ Horo Preview


A preview scan from the latest issue of Hobby Japan magazine, featuring the upcoming 1/6 scale figure of “Horo” from Spice & Wolf by Volks ^^

The figure is scheduled for Autumn 2009 release at 7,140 Yen retail price. She will come with interchangable face expression and as usual, she will be Volks Online Shop exclusive.

Via 2chan.


7 Responses to “Volks’ Horo Preview”

  1. YuKi-To Says:

    she looks nice :3

  2. Leonia Says:

    So cute ! I would be have her (l)

  3. Veni Says:

    Best Horo figure I’ve seen yet!

  4. ELTboy Says:

    Guess I am the only one … the face is off…it relates neither to the light novel nor anime version.

  5. Zephyranthes Says:

    Is this already available for reservation in their website? Can’t seem to find it.

  6. Quazacolt Says:


    already messaged a few people directly or people with people at japan for this….. grrr….

    good thing my september month is clear of anything since this WILL hurt my wallet a bit

  7. ホロ ~ Horo « WAWAWA 忘れ物 Says:

    […] like Volks has a figure coming out though I’m not sure I like that one […]

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