Native’s Shoujo Material Preview


Native updated their Homepage with preview images of one of their upcoming figure of “M Girl” from Shoujo Material ^^


We first saw the news back at Wonder Hobby 9 event, and now the Prototype is ready, although it’s still unpainted ^^;

Looks promising ( ^ _ ^ );


4 Responses to “Native’s Shoujo Material Preview”

  1. Zero Says:

    native? is tat a new figure company?
    can u tell me further info about tat company?

    • Gasa Says:

      Native is a newer section of Max Factory that stands for “naked and creative” and as such, features ero figures.

  2. Veni Says:

    Looks lovely…Especially like the detail on that piece of furniture.

  3. Leonia Says:

    She would be nice, if she was not so sexy (Native…)

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