Survey Help

Update: Survey closed since it has reached the limit of 100 responses. Again, thank you so much in participating!! ~m( _ _ )m~



I need your participation in helping me answering 8 survey questions for my Final Project report ( > . < );

All I need is just few minutes of your time. Your help is greatly appreciated!! Thank You!! \( > _ < )/


13 Responses to “Survey Help”

  1. animecollector100 Says:

    Took the survey kumo. 🙂

  2. glockenpop Says:

    Took the survey too. :3 Good luck on the report.

  3. Umeboshi Says:

    participated “P

  4. alafista Says:

    Done! I think I deserve some $_$ for my professional views. LOL

  5. Striket Says:

    Done & done 😉

  6. Fabian Says:

    Done as well. Good luck with whatever project you are working on. 🙂

  7. heathorn Says:

    Done, good luck on your FYP ^_^

  8. Squee Says:


  9. flyingpussyfoot Says:

    At your service ^^

  10. lovelyduckie Says:

    Survey done!

  11. gordanham Says:

    survey done^^

  12. Dorothée Says:

    Done for me too !

  13. Veni Says:

    As surveys go that was pretty painless. GL with your project. ~_^

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