Max’s Figma Shamal Previews


Max Factory updated their Figma’s Blog with preview images of the upcoming “Figma Shamal Knight Armor Ver.” from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS by Max Factory ^^





The figure will also come with additional parts for “Figma Yagami Hayate Knight Armor Ver.” ^^

They are the head part of Hayate in Unison mode:


…and the other is the super-mini Reinforce Zwei figure ^^;



The figure is scheduled for September 2009 release at 2,800 Yen retail price. Reservations for her will open tomorrow.

More at Figma’s Blog.


6 Responses to “Max’s Figma Shamal Previews”

  1. optic Says:

    oh YES!!!
    Didn’t expect to be this soon. lol

  2. yuuichikun Says:

    You can bet I’m going to be picking this one up! Now how to pain Rein’s eyes…

    Now all we need is a Vita and Zafira figma and we’ll have all of Hayate’s Wolkenritter! A figma of Reinforce Eins would be nice too 😉

  3. ChuaChuram Says:

    Such a high price for almost no accessories. I find her rather dull, still waiting for Vita =s

  4. Observer Extraordinaire Says:

    Lotsa Nanoha Strikers figures… Is this a good anime? 😮

  5. Orcinus Says:

    That’s terrible. Reinforce doesn’t have eyes on her head.

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