Daiki Kougyo Wonder Festival 2009 Summer Exclusive Preview


Daiki Kougyo updated their Blog with preview images of the upcoming 1/6 scale Garage Kit of “Ryoumo Shimei” from Ikkitousen, which is going to be sold exclusively at Wonder Festival 2009 Summer event ^^



The figure is based on the illustration done by Shunya Yamashita:



The figure will be limited to 40 pieces and will be sold at 18,000 Yen each.

You can go Here for more info.



5 Responses to “Daiki Kougyo Wonder Festival 2009 Summer Exclusive Preview”

  1. Leonia Says:

    So sensual Ryoumo ^^

  2. Blowfish Says:

    Nooooooo! I would have been happier If I didnt know about her 😦
    Ryomou designed my yamashita’= killer

  3. Haru Says:

    omg she is gorgeous! too bad she’s a garage kit exclusive T_T. a pvc version would be nice…

  4. Observer Extraordinaire Says:

    Yeah, I could never take a brush to any of these garage kits…and this one looks so awesome.

  5. Pedropinilla Says:

    This is a beautiful Ryomou indeed!
    and just only 40 pieces at the wonder festival, I hope that this one has a PVC version because if an illustration from Shunya is behind that means that this figure will be excellent ^^.
    But if we talk about Ryomou figures, I’ll choose the uncoming Alter version for better.

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