More Custom Nendoroid


I wonder who’s the Green Haired girl ^^;




I’ve seen her on an illustration somewhere, a software package or something. Anyway, she looks adorable ( ^ _ ^ )

Via 2chan.


11 Responses to “More Custom Nendoroid”

  1. Yhamm Says:

    she’s Gumi, from vocaloid Megpoid, voiced by the seyuu who did Ranka Lee

  2. nega3 Says:

    Ooh. Shiny! D:

    It must come out officially.

  3. YuKi-To Says:

    both look awesome!

  4. Reltair Says:

    The expression and hair on Miku is pretty cool. It twirls down!

  5. Leonia Says:

    The second is really beautiful and sweet ^^ I love ^^

  6. Persocom Says:

    Nice, they both look pretty good

  7. มาดู Custom Nendoroid Gumi-chan สุดโมเอะกัน!!! | Says:

    […] Source: wcloudxkumo […]

  8. polymetrica Says:

    The GUMI fan Nendoroid design is based on the art used in a song called blue bird by TokuP (

  9. Megpoid Gumi Says:

    i need her she looks so epic

  10. Saku Says:

    biggest fan of gumi! All I need is a nedoroid of her and I will be the happiest of people! I have all of the voice boxes!

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