Nendoroid Yui Previews + A Surprise News


Mikatan updated her Blog with preview images of the upcoming “Nendoroid Hirasawa Yui” from K-ON! by Good Smile Company ^^




Her reservations will open on August 20th, 2009 this week.

In addition, Nakano Azusa a.k.a Azunyan is also planned for a figure release!!, most likely Nendoroid. Prototype production is under way ^^

Tomorrow will be Canaan‘s turn ^^

More at Mikatan’s Blog.


11 Responses to “Nendoroid Yui Previews + A Surprise News”

  1. Leonia Says:

    The first face is just funny ^^ I love this one.

  2. Hello Says:

    The first face is okay but the last two expressions are the same as Mio’s. :/ lamee

  3. Lelouch Says:

    damn, GSC is pulling me in… to build or not to build a Yui shrine?

  4. ELTboy Says:

    Yui is a must get for me. And like Mika-tan said on her blog … the whole nation (otaku community i think..hehe) can breath a sigh of relief now that Nendoroid Azu-nyan will be made … Nendoroid Ho-kago Tea Time will be complete! ^^

  5. lovelyduckie Says:

    Must get for me too, need the whole K-On! nendo set!

  6. Guy Says:

    Much cuter than Mio, IMO.

  7. nega3 Says:

    It’s so cute. ^3^

    I unfortunately like Mio better. Since no one can get it any more MWUHAHA!

  8. phossil Says:

    very cute and moe~~~

  9. Reltair Says:

    Have to get the whole K-ON! set!

    They’re making a figure for Azusa? Best news I heard all day~! ^^

  10. Observer Extraordinaire Says:

    X33 kawaii overload

  11. K-ON! Yui Hirasawa Nendoroid | Project Saber Says:

    […] Sources: Good Smile Company, Wcloudx (kumo) […]

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