Figma Saber, Shiro, & Kagami Previews


Figma updated their Blog with preview images of the upcoming “Figma Saber Plain Clothes Ver.”, “Figma Emiya Shiro Plain Clothes Ver.”, and “Figma Hiiragi Kagami Summer Clothes Ver.” by Max Factory ^^

Figma Hiiragi Kagami Summer Clothes Ver. from Lucky Star:





Figma Emiya Shiro Plain Clothes Ver. from Fate/Stay Night:





Figma Saber Plain Clothes Ver. from Fate/Stay Night:





Reservations for all of them will open tomorrow.

More at Figma’s Blog.


14 Responses to “Figma Saber, Shiro, & Kagami Previews”

  1. Guy Says:

    I waited for these figures to be announced, at least the Fate/Stay Night ones.

    I don’t understand what they’re thinking, beyond “Money!”, and yes, these figures are ok for those who are all about re-creating scenes from a series, but as figures? They’re not great, they’re often boring.

    What’s up with the demonic Emiyou hand? He’s supposed to lose it in the future, IIRC. And the Berserker sword is totally inappropriate. To be honest, Emiyou is one of the characters who work least well for figures, ever.

    As for Saber, I like her in her sitting pose, with the calm and concentrated face, nice.
    I also like her boots, and her “fierce!” face in the last shot. Not to mention the “Nah-uh!” pose she takes.
    But still, it’s a bit of a bland figure, and as a figure? Not worth it, not interesting. And not interesting is the cardinal sin of art.

    • ChuaChuram Says:

      Wow, I felt lost in a sea of brain washed otaku’s until I saw someone else notice something I see often. Feels nice.

      No offense to anyone.

  2. Minaru Says:

    I don’t mind the Emiya would be nice to have someone to bully other than Kyon on my site.

    But the Archer arm feels like a total turn-off for me.

  3. phossil Says:

    My favorites previews are Saber and Kagami Summer ver.

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    ABOUT TIME!!! Finally an angry Kagami face! They own me for the Lucky Star figmas. i’m going to put the main cast in the winter uniforms in the center and the secondary cast on both sides in the summer uniform.

    I love the plain clothes Saber sitting down, will get for sure.

    Their accessory choices on Emiya seem weird…never played the game but does Emiya somehow wield Berserker’s sword at any point? Because that really looks silly.

    And I know…I’m a foolish fly going straight into their sticky trap…sigh…well I don’t fall for all their figma scams at least.

  5. Pegas Rider Says:

    IF will be possible to get Saber figures in last two _static_ poses… Not even thinking, just ordering.
    Look at her hands… And even the skirt is made perfectly (simply and don’t need more) but blouse, boots … haircut … WHAT to Look at?! That’s why I don’t like figma’s (

  6. Kev Says:

    For those who thinks Shirou is weird (or “totally inappropriate”) with Archer’s arm and Nine Lives, obviously haven’t played the game. That part was so epic, glad they’re adding it.

    Also I suspect kneel/sitting Saber is a part-swap of the entire lower torso…

    • Guy Says:

      Two things:

      1. I want nothing more than for the game to come out in English so I could play it.

      2. Not everything looks good in figure-form.
      And we are buying a figure.
      Also, it might be awesome story-wise, doesn’t mean it looked awesome back then either 😉 (though I admit it probably did)

      • Kev Says:

        First, game translation IS out in English. Second it looks pretty awesome to me, nothing weird about it. (probably due to the fact that I’ve experienced the game) Since opinions are relative, perhaps you should take a spin in the game before putting the figure down?

        Also link to translation patch:

    • Guy Says:

      1. I meant officially. I might give it a look.

      2. Thanks for the link.

      3. Opinions are subjective, not relative.

      4. I think the figure doesn’t look good. Playing the game might make me appreciate its importance, but that would help me overcome its bad looks, not think it doesn’t look bad.

      • Kev Says:

        Right, subjective, not relative. Well you get what I was trying to say.

        As for the last point, aren’t you just playing with words? I’m just saying you might see the figure in a different light after you’ve tried the game, and not some random ‘out-of-place’ demonic arm with a sword/club, that’s all.

  7. ChuaChuram Says:

    Boring line-up indeed, all 3 are a pass. I was hoping for Canaan and Vita next.

  8. Gasa Says:

    Hell yes, Shirou is something I have been waiting for for ages. The fact that it actually has Archers arm and the shroud, AND NINE LIVES is a huge bonus. I prayed for it but I didn’t actaully expect it. AWESOME JOB MAX FACTORY.

  9. Reltair Says:

    Figmas aren’t really my thing and I don’t have any yet.

    Don’t really like the Shiro one. Kagami figma looks nice with expressions that stay true to the character. The Saber figma is saved by the sitting posture with the closed eyes expression.

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