Black Rock Shooter Anime PV2

New Promotional Video of the upcoming “Black Rock Shooter -Pilot Edition-“ anime, recorded at Chara Hobby 2009 ^^

Via Akiba Hobby.


10 Responses to “Black Rock Shooter Anime PV2”

  1. Grayson Says:

    Hmm.. just wondering do you know how to speak japanese? Cause I have no idea what the words below the title at 45sec of the video mean…

    Does it mean that the video is only 90sec long????
    Do you have any idea as to how long it will be?

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      Yep, the footage included in the DVD/Blu-ray will be 90 seconds long ^^;

      My guess is it’s either a Trailer for the upcoming Anime or it will be just a longer version of the fight scene you saw there.

      The anime itself is scheduled to air in 2010.

      • Grayson Says:

        Thanks for the quick reply o(^.^)o
        How sad >.< and I thought that it will be one episode

        Now I have to reconsider whether to buy it or not…
        1200Yen excluding shipping cost for a 90sec video… hmm….

        This is going to be a tough decision XD

  2. Black Rock Shooter Anime PV2 Says:

    […] Via Akiba Hobby and Wcloudxkumo. […]

  3. Reltair Says:

    I like the animation, but the song isn’t really suited to my tastes.

  4. BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER PV2 « Pipopaz Blog-El lugar para la cultura otaku en español Says:

    […] Via WCLOUDX (KUMO)’S BLOG Escrito en Anime, Cominicados y Noticias. Etiquetas: Anime, Black Rock Shooter, PV. Deja un Comentario » […]

  5. Persocom Says:

    looking forward to this

  6. Grayson Says:

    Oh ya. There’s one more thing I will like to ask you.

    Where you buy all your figures, CD albums and DVDs?

    Toy n Toys?

    Any recommendation or advice?
    What’s the best DVD or CD online store that provide the best shipping?
    Is shipping really free? They say that the will ship to Singapore for free if your purchase is less than US$100. Is this true?

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      For figures my number #1 choice is Hobby Search, then Hobby Link Japan => “other stores” in the order if HS doesn’t have the stock that I want ^^; is #1 choice for me if I wanted to get exclusive figures that only come bundled with Games (Figma Saber Lily, Nendoroid Exelica, etc)

      TokyoHunter for Magazine or Event-related exclusive figures.

      I don’t really buy CD/DVD much online, but lots of my friend either go CDJapan or Play-Asia to get one ^^;

      As for Play-Asia, they do have free shipping if you are living in Singapore, but usually not recommended. I always go with EMS. I know it cost extra, but it 100% ensures that your items is in the best condition, plus you can track, etc ^^

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