Alpha Omega’s Chara Hobby 2009 Figures Revealed!! + A New Addition


Finally we got a confirmation on the remaining “secret” figures, which are going to be released by Alpha x Omega ^^

They are 1/8 scale Sarugaki Hiyori and 1/8 scale Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck a.k.a Nel, both from Bleach. Both have no release date and price yet.


As you can see from the image above, there’s another figure at the far right planned for release by MegaHouse.


None other than 1/8 scale figure of “Hitsugaya Toshiro” also from Bleach, as part of G.E.M series for the ladies. The figure is scheduled for December 2009 release at 6,930 Yen retail price.

Via Figure/GK & Moeyo.


12 Responses to “Alpha Omega’s Chara Hobby 2009 Figures Revealed!! + A New Addition”

  1. Andre Lindholm Says:

    What! The ladies? Hitsugaya Toshiro instant get! And i am not a gal ^^

  2. Guy Says:

    Oy, where’s my photo of Nel’s figure? 😛

    Hitsugaya-kun’s figure will require a closer review, his face seems a bit off, and it goes without saying that his mane is hard to recreate.

  3. Ninjovee Says:

    Oh… gods… when did Shiro-kun turn into a shoujo manga bishie?

    • Guy Says:

      He’s a kid who is old, has crazy “Cool hair”, is a Captain.

      The definition of bishonen quite fits him: Shoujo goes without saying, since girls like him, as for Bishonen, they gave him both kid features and adult features, specifically designed for this purpose.
      Then again, Matsumoto, his subordinate, has the largest breasts in Bleach, which takes some effort.

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    Hitsugaya Toshiro is a definite get, most likely Nel too.

  5. yuuichikun Says:

    Guess I’m eating my words from the last post xD Haven’t really seen many Bleach figures at all, but if I know Alpha x Omega, these figures will be fantastic!

  6. Veni Says:

    Quality Bleach figures? Well I’ll be damned…Shame no Soifon though. T_T

  7. gordanham Says:

    Will definitely be getting Hiyori since she is one of the few characters I like. Maybe I’ll pick up Nel too.

  8. Kitty Whisperwind Says:

    I’m totally getting that Hiyori! Its awesome they went with the Hollow Eyes + mask ^__^

  9. KLG Says:

    Hooray! I thought so 😀
    Nel ❤

  10. Figure Friday – August 28th-September 3rd in Review. « Geekorner-Geekulture. Says:

    […] Chara Hobby 2009 posts by Kumo: Here’s one about the Bleach secret figures, and here’s a general post of interesting […]

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