New Shining Wind Figure Teasers


Shine na Blog updated with a teaser collage of images, consisting a number of upcoming new figures from the Shining Wind series, which supposedly have not been announced to public yet.

Well, I can see that one of them is Xecty which was shown earlier back. Looks like there will be new figures of Clalaclan and Seena also, but I can tell that there’s atleast 3-4 new ones on that image ^^;

Think you can make a guess?

Via Shine na Blog.


11 Responses to “New Shining Wind Figure Teasers”

  1. Guy Says:


    And damn, my dreams of a complete Shining Tears/Wind are getting further and further away 😉

  2. Rin Asano Says:

    another clalaclan?? :O

    If they are koto , I will take them!

    I would like Houmei too!

    maybe another blanc neige..

  3. Kouji-kun Says:

    I have a feeling it’s one of each girl released so far.

    Except Mao – cause I don’t see no nekomimi ninjas.

  4. Kev Says:

    Your Shine na Blog link is broken, points to: http:///

  5. NegativeZero Says:

    The one down the right hand side there, below what is clearly Clalaclan, is I think Elwing. You can see part of her hair and that piece below is the tip of her shoulder padding, just like in her design art:

  6. Panther Says:

    The ahoge is Xecty, and the crown is definitely Clalaclan’s, so no surprises from those two. It is likely the other girl (I forgot her name) who had spectacles will be included, and the barebodied picture is probably Elwing in her illustrated “swimsuit” art in the fanbook in which Xecty was also in.

    Houmei is probably possible, with a schoolgirl Kureha or Seena (if that hem of the skirt is any indication).

  7. jinx626 Says:

    Arrgg…the likelihood of collecting all Shining Wind figures get harder each time when they keep releasing them like this.

  8. Reltair Says:

    Oh man, I expect that they’ll turn out looking great. Now time to debate getting all the Shining Wind figures…

  9. Nega3 Says:

    I wonder who the girl in the bra is. =D

  10. Ringo Says:

    I hope one of them is a new figure of Blanc 🙂
    I don’t really know anything about Shining Wind, but I like her for some reason ^^

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