More Alter’s Saber Alter Maid Ver.


Hobby Channel updated their Site with more preview images of the upcoming 1/6 scale figure of “Saber Alter Maid Ver.” from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia by Alter ^^





Reservations already started over at Hobby Japan Online Shop and will run through until November 10th, 2009. Reservations will be limited to 5 orders per person. Don’t forget that you need to register before you can place an order. Keep in mind that they don’t support International shipment.


The figure itself is scheduled for April 2010 release at 8,000 Yen retail price.

Via Hobby-Channel.


7 Responses to “More Alter’s Saber Alter Maid Ver.”

  1. Guy Says:

    Lead me not into temptation…

    And damn, 5 orders per person? I see the Japanese crowd who sell on eBay getting 5 each, and reselling for really high prices, heh.

  2. yuuichikun Says:

    April 2010 eh? This would look great with my Alter Maid Saber (not Saber Alter) so maybe I’ll pick her up ^^

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i just want the lil one

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    I desire her but I should wait and see how my finances are a month from now, I’m planning on being able to afford her but we’ll see…I don’t wawnt to get my hopes up.

  5. Delayed Item(s) « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] Saber Alter Maid Ver. Company: Alter Scale: 1/6 Original Release Date: April 2010 New Release Date: May 14th, 2010 Note: […]

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