Double Alpha Omega Release

The following 2 new entries from Alpha Omega are now ready for reservations ^^


Name: Nel
Scale: 1/8 (23cm)
Series: Bleach
Release Date: Febuary 2010
Retail Price: 6,600 Yen


Name: Sarugaki Hiyori
Scale: 1/8 (21cm)
Series: Bleach
Release Date: Febuary 2010
Retail Price: 6,300 Yen

Hobby Search is taking reservations for both of them as of today.

Nel looks good ( ^ _ ^ )


7 Responses to “Double Alpha Omega Release”

  1. Leonia Says:

    I want my Ranka AlphaxOmega’s version 😥

  2. Guy Says:

    Nel’s hair needs to be a tad more green, to achieve a more turquoize hue, then again, it’s totally green in Banpresto’s release, and I forgot that it’s not exactly the right colour, heh.

    Hiyori’s mask looks perfect, they didn’t catch her face perfectly.

    P.S. Look at the scale, Hiyori is a midget, she’s 168cm with her horn, Nel on the other hand, is a giant. They may have given her 5-8 centimeters too many 😉

  3. nega3 Says:

    Welcome back Alpha Omega. :3

    Hiyori’s cute…

  4. Kanon Says:

    Whoa, they both look great! I might eventually order Hiyori, that sword rocks!

  5. andra Says:

    Didnt expect AlphaxOmega to pick Bleach up! 😀

    Are they going to make the guys too?

  6. lovelyduckie Says:

    I thought I’d end up buying Nel and skipping Hiyori…but I really like Hiyori painted! I may end up skipping Nel instead, I REALLY like that Hiyori!

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