GSC LIVE Broadcast Touhou Project


Mikatan have uploaded a recorded version of “Mikatan Channel – Episode 2” LIVE broadcast over at her Nico Channel, which was aired a while ago on October 13th, 2009. This time introducing a number of new upcoming items from Touhou Project series by various companies.

I have uploaded them on Youtube for easy viewing for those who doesn’t have a Nico account.

The 1st part of the video features Gift upcoming products. The first item are Hand Puppets featuring Hakurei Reimu and Kirisame Marisa with Cast-Off features. Looks like reservations will be opened on October 30th, 2009 at 4,200 Yen retail price each, exclusively at Gift Online Shop.

Next one is a newly announced 1/8 scale figure of “Hakurei Reimu” scheduled for Spring 2010 release. Her reservations will open sometime next month in November. Unfortunately, she also will be exclusively sold over at Gift Online Shop.

The 2nd part of the video features Figma Hakurei Reimu and Nendoroid Kirisame Marisa from Max Factory and Good Smile Company respectively. You can go Here for more information on their reservation.

Looking at the video, makes me want to get the Figma more ( > _ < )


11 Responses to “GSC LIVE Broadcast Touhou Project”

  1. nega3 Says:

    I hate how all Touhou figures are exclusive.

    Nendoroid Marisa is awesome.

  2. nekosasu Says:

    It should be possible to get one from Gamers since they accept online payment with Credit Cards (all the other selected shops don’t, at least for preorders.) However their system didn’t accept my CC. Mailed them about it already…

  3. Ringo Says:

    huh. I could care less about those hand puppets and the Reimu PVC (waiting for a Marisa one, haha), but the Marisa nendoroid and Reimu figma are must gets. where can I order them without having to pay in advance?

    also, what were they saying about Sweet Pool in the first video? they weren’t just promoting those posters…right?

  4. phossil Says:

    Figma Reimu looks Kawaii~~~~

  5. aos Says:

    Are they trying to make us feel bad?

    Gah GSC. You and you’re “exclusive” items.

  6. Kanon Says:

    WANT those Sweet Pool posters!! The hand puppets look cute, and the figma Reimu is very cute. ^^

  7. Actar Says:

    I don’t know… The PVC Figure doesn’t have that Anime look which really makes her look un-reimuish. The I-con exclusive PVC from Griffon looks much better in my opinion. (^.^)

    Also pre-ordered the Figma already.

  8. Ubiquitial Says:

    The pose is nice though. I also like the face.

  9. Reltair Says:

    Oh nice, a 1/8 scaled Reimu figure.

  10. glockenpop Says:

    Wow it’s awesome that Gift bought kitsutehu’s Reimu. I really wanted that one, I might get through a proxy service. D: Some photos of the original GK here:

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