More Alter’s Jubei Swimsuit


Hobby-Channel updated with more preview images on the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit Ver.” from Hyakka-Ryoran by Alter, plus some corrections on the reservation details.







Just a reminder that she will be another Hobby Japan magazine mail order exclusive. Also Reservations is already opened with the December issue of the magazine and will run through until November 24th, 2009. So I’d like to apologize for the error of the details from the previous post. I mixed up the dateline date.

Anyway, the figure is scheduled for March 2010 release at 6,980 Yen retail price excluding shipping fee. The quantity will be limited to 1,500 pieces.

Via Hobby-Channel.


10 Responses to “More Alter’s Jubei Swimsuit”

  1. Yhamm Says:

    this hole in her breasts in just horrible…

  2. unstable isotope Says:

    shoulder blade anatomy fail

  3. Kouji-kun Says:

    Damn that swimsuit looks like a hybrid of a… Swimsuit and S&M bondage ropes @_@

  4. nega3 Says:

    Ooh, sexy. *3*

  5. TrueDevil Says:

    Damn nice, much better than the original ver.

  6. vixums Says:

    Very sexy suit~ And her sandals ^0^ Love it!

  7. rapunzel00 Says:

    Her face reminds me of Max Factory’s Another Blood ❤ Only I like that one, this one kinda squicks me with such an unappealing design XDXDXD Really now? Sword between her boobs?~ Oh Alter~~~

  8. Blu Ray Says:

    I like both their designs. I really really really want the swimsuit version, so I’ll be lurking auctions everywhere once she’s released. I could always try to get a copy of hobby mag, but that’s kinda hard, especially since i live in the states.

    Anyone think that they increased her breast size for this ver. just so they can fit the sword between them?

  9. Guy Says:

    Hmmmm ^_^

  10. Pedropinilla Says:

    I like the prior version better that this one.

    It looks too much plastic for me.

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