Wave Double Release

The following 2 new entries from Wave are now ready for reservations ^^


Name: Asuka Langley Shikinami
Scale: 1/10
Series: Evangelion 2.0
Release Date: May 2010
Retail Price: 4,500 Yen


Name: Kotobuki Tsumugi
Scale: 1/10 (16cm)
Series: K-ON!
Release Date: April 2010
Retail Price: 3,800 Yen

Hobby Search is taking reservations for both of them as of today.

Loving this version of Asuka!! ( ^ _ ^ )


2 Responses to “Wave Double Release”

  1. inferno0748 Says:

    Asuka = instant get. Asuka in New Test plugsuit = die die must get. lol

  2. Guy Says:

    Not too keen on Asuka, both for the design of the RoE design, and the actual figure. Rei is much better.

    The second figure, well, her face seems a bit chunky, she seems a bit too short, and her nose distorts her features?

    Where’s my lovely red Asuka? 😦

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