Garage Kit Horo


Some new images of the completed 1/7 scale Garage Kit of “Horo” from Spice & Wolf by Turu no Yakata circle ^^










This is probably the best looking Horo figure ever, eventhough it’s a Garage Kit. The person who painted this is definitely skilled since it looks much better than the original kit. He did a number of other kits and all his work is top notch, atleast more than half of them are much better than the original. Love the eyes!! ^^

Via fg Site.


17 Responses to “Garage Kit Horo”

  1. Leonia Says:

    She is beautiful ! The work is really impressive !

  2. optimisticpenguin Says:

    wow really pretty

  3. Ashlotte Says:

    Why the hell can’t anyone make a PVC that looks as nice as this for Horo…

  4. Bryan Says:

    Atlast someone managed to make a good Horo fig. At some glance, she looks kinda like CC.

  5. letsdrinkwater Says:

    god damn she looks like she needs to be snuggled.

  6. Guy Says:

    She looks so incredibly sweet. Really really love that face.

  7. Panther Says:

    Huh, this GK certainly is better done than the original. The last I remember of it at least, it was the best figure of Horo around like you said. A fine job indeed.

  8. Quazacolt Says:

    now i wonder how much he charge LOL

    seriously though, the original easily screams a no, while this one… screams hell yes regardless of budget >.>

  9. YuKi-To Says:

    yea beautiful…. the best indeed! :3

  10. Aka Says:

    I always liked the original despite it’s poor paint job, the figure seems to be well sculpted. After seeing this though I’m blown away. I would love to purchase this if it were available. The artist has totally done Horo justice with his paintwork.

    I agree with letsdrinkwater, I totally have the urge to snuggle her.


  11. Kona Says:

    The way he painted this kit is very nice indeed. I like her eyes and the serene-look touch the best. 🙂
    And the original kit… MY EYES!!

  12. Reltair Says:

    The skill of the painter is evident. Garage kits seem like something interesting for me to do in the future.

  13. Rin Asano Says:

    I love it! I hope in pvc version in the future *_*

  14. Fabienne Says:

    does anyone of you know good shops for buying Garage Kits?

  15. lovelyduckie Says:

    It’s lovely, but I think I prefer the Volks PVC of her for now.

  16. Patrunjelu Says:


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