2nd Anniversary!!


Wow, can’t believe myself. As of today, this Blog is 2 years old!!~ ^^

To think I managed to survive another year of blogging, and of course, I’m still going strong and will keep going until whenever that is ^^;

I want to thank you guys who visited my Blog, both frequent readers and passersby. I definitely won’t get this far without your support.

Also, ever since I registered my feed to MFC Tsuki-Board plus Twitter account around mid-2009, I’ve gotten lots of new readers and commenters who shared the same interest as I do, which is a fun and enjoyable thing to have since you get to share your views and information on different topics ^^

Again, I wanted to thank the following site referrer:

1. Otaku.fm
2. Animenano
3. MFC Tsuki-Board

…the following top 5 fellow bloggers for referring my blog the most:

1. ELTworld – ELTboy
2. Kyouran Kyodai – Fariz & Fuzzy
3. How a Girl Figures – Dancing Queen
4. Exelica Meteor – James
5. Peacemaker – Kurogane

…and also the following sites for referring my Blog from time to time:

1. Otakai Figure Society
2. Tomopop

Right now, my Blog is still growing at a steady pace with an average of 2,300 hits per day, ranging from 1,700 hits to 3,000 hits daily at high peak. Current highest hit for me was on July 27th, 2009 at 4,340 hits. So far, Febuary 2009 still hold the highest month with 62,000 hits total ^^;

My plan in moving my Blog to a bigger server which I mentioned last year is still there, but just that currently the plan is put on hold because of some stuffs. As for my “Never-Ending-Figure” reviews, it’ll resume shortly. My schedule been really tight lately because of projects and deadlines ^^;

A lot of things have changed ever since the start of this Blog in early 2008, and hopefully it’ll keep growing strong in time to come. I will still do my best to keep you guys informed and updated with the latest news daily.

Thanks Again and Cheers!!~\ ( ^ 0 ^ ) /

Past Milestone:

500,000 Hits – June 19th, 2009
1st Anniversary – January 7th, 2009
100,000 Hits – September 1st, 2008
500 Hits – January 25th, 2008


52 Responses to “2nd Anniversary!!”

  1. Optic Says:

    I thank you for constantly keeping my hobby alive with ur updates. On other hand, I blame u for constantly draining my wallet. 😛

    Congratz. ^^d

  2. Ami Says:

    I have to admit your the first person I get my release info from. It’s very helpful. Thank you for your hard work. 🙂

  3. Guy Says:


    And I’m with Optic, I’m thankful for your site, along with Neko Magic, because together you make the job of knowing what came out much easier. Your site was indispensible when I was making Figure Friday!

    Here’s to another year, and if you do move, cash in on ads? 😀
    Personally, it’d be better for me if you stayed on wordpress, because I read you through the Blog Surfer feature, heh, rather than having to remember to go to another site manually.

  4. Nega3 Says:

    This is the only English blog I enjoy. Thanks. ^^

  5. Kona Says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary. 🙂
    I don’t really know many figure sites, so I read your blog for figure updates. XD
    May you carry on blogging~

  6. Q Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Doing a news blog sure doesn’t sound easy at all. Thanks for keeping collectors and passer-bys like me informed on the news!

  7. Pedropinilla Says:

    I’m always visiting your blog because you update very frequently any news from this wonderfull hobby world with links and everything.

    For the same, I’m glad for this second anniversary. Congratulations!^^

  8. glockenpop Says:

    Congrats on your 2nd anniversary! This is a great blog and is the first thing I check for the latest figure news. I hope you keep going strong in 2010. :3

  9. samejima Says:

    Congrats Kumo!

  10. Panther Says:

    Congratulations on the 2 years AND MOVE YOUR DAMN ASS ALREADY.

  11. James Says:

    Happy Anniversary !

    And keep doing the great work you do, when i want to know all the news about figures and preorders, i always know where to look 🙂

  12. garturo62 Says:

    Happy Anniversary

    Love your blog always come here for info and stuff.

  13. Figure Maniac Says:

    Happy Anniversary. Your blog is so helpful. Best wishes to you.

  14. DT Says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! =D

    And much thanks for always keeping us up-to-date with the figure news, your blog has become indispensable to me as I would visit it almost daily for the latest figure news. Thanks for being so dedicated to what you are doing and best wishes ahead in the future. ^__^


  15. Blowfish Says:

    Youre still going strong because youre delivering so many good infos in suich a nice and neat package.

    Lets make the third year even better 😛

  16. meronpan Says:

    keep up the good work ^^

  17. optimisticpenguin Says:



  18. Pegas Rider Says:

    Congratulations!! From all non-english speaking anime/manga/figure scene fans 😀

    PS Nice day you’ve selected, wcloudxkumo. Happy Orthodox-Cristian Christmas to you ))

  19. Tate Says:

    congrats your blog is pretty good for figure news so keep it up in the new year!

  20. cidoes Says:

    I’ll be always visit your blog for figure news!

  21. phossil Says:

    Wow, time surely pass quickly.
    Congratz in the 2nd anniversary!

  22. Persocom Says:

    congrats, I swear I check this site once a day to keep on top of things ^^

  23. hiroshi Says:

    Happy birthday and lot’s of good news and pv

  24. Kazearashi Says:

    Happy anniversary!! I will be there soon too haha..

  25. lylibellule Says:

    2 years already ! Happy birthday and long life to your blog.

    I follow you for a veeeeeeery long time in fact (you’re one of the first blog i read in the morning. I discover the news with you) but i admit leaving very few comments because previously my english was really crappy.

  26. Reltair Says:

    Congrats and keep up the great work!

    You’re the main site I go to for figure news. ^^
    Projects and deadlines suck. =/

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