The Amazing Saber Shrine

Larger Ver.

Just speechless…now we need to see Kanu…( > _ < );;

Via Figure/GK.


15 Responses to “The Amazing Saber Shrine”

  1. NanoZero Says:

    Huge Saber collection!

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  3. Marshmallow Says:

    Wow… impressive. I don’t understand all the love for Saber though. 😐

  4. Eefi Says:

    I’m curious how he’ll find space to put all the coming figures into that shelf xD

  5. Actar Says:

    I admire this person’s dedication, love and passion for Saber. As I don’t care for Saber that much, I can’t say I’m all that moved by this display. Now if I were to build up a shrine, who should I worship? Fate (Loli)? Yui? Kallen? Nodoka? Hm…

  6. Yoruno Says:

    OMG, it’s a museum. Well, I genuinely admire Saber (you’d never guess from looking at my avatar), but I wouldn’t say all of her figures deserve the same admiration.

  7. Atoli Says:

    There is no case big enough to fit all of Kanu @_#

  8. Vixy Says:

    anyone know what row 3 (top down) #’s 6-9 are??

  9. Leomb Says:

    This collection is famous and old as fuck.

    But I can see this picture is new. Because in the ones i have there wasn’t yet Saber Lily by GSC…

    This guy has a lot more shit than Saber. It’s really a quite impresive and huge collection.

    I personally ABSOLUTLY LOVE that showcase!!!! Need moar showcase photos because I’d like to buy one!!

  10. glockenpop Says:

    Wow, impressive. I love how the owner just got 2 Gift Sabers for the sake of displaying both faces at once. XD

  11. phossil Says:

    This is exactly the way my shelves should look. Lets count it, one Saber, Two Sabers, three…

  12. lovelyduckie Says:

    I LOVE IT! They even have 2 Saber Azones and Dollfie Dreams!? I’m a fan of this collection!

  13. Reltair Says:

    Damn, that’s impressive. Some of the Saber figures aren’t really up to par in my opinion though, but I guess it’s just for the sake of completion.

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  15. I like what I see but wonder what the re-release will be like Says:

    […] Saber.  Sure it’s a character we’ve seen a billion of before but you can never have too many Saber’s.  You can, however, have too few […]

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