Chara-Ani’s Himari Preview


A preview scan featuring the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Himari” from Omamori Himari by Chara-Ani ^^

The figure is scheduled for May 2010 release at 6,980 Yen retail price. It’ll come with an Elastic Pantsu ^^;

Via 2chan.


5 Responses to “Chara-Ani’s Himari Preview”

  1. willowywicca Says:

    Yay Himari!

  2. Guy Says:

    I… want…

    *Doesn’t drool, but nearly*

    • Guy Says:

      Also, elastic panties? Would rather without. It’d tear, I just know it.

      • willowywicca Says:

        Agreed normal pantsu would be better ;(

      • Aka Says:

        Just don’t play with her panties so much then!

        Cute figure, and the price doesn’t seem too bad considering everyone elses prices. Boobs are a bit larger than my tastes though, which is unfortunate because the rest of the figure seems quite cute. Maybe I can overlook the large cleavage.

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