Max’s Meltdown Previews


A preview scan featuring the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Meltdown” from Vocaloid by Max Factory ^^


So after VN02, Max Factory have decided for this one. For those who don’t know, the character for “Meltdown” is Kagamine Rin ^^

Meltdown Hard-R.K.mix PV below:

Scheduled for July 2010 release with no price yet.

Via 2chan.


19 Responses to “Max’s Meltdown Previews”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    Pretty nice! Although I’m not sure how fond I am of that red cord going to her ear piece. But I imagine that’s easily removed without damaging anything.

  2. Ashlotte Says:

    Wow thats pretty insane looking…Think the sculptor had alot of fun making this one haha.

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  4. Panchira Says:

    her expression is a bit off :\

  5. Ami Says:

    I don’t like the big frown on her face. It’s a bit exaggerated when you compare it to the original artwork. But the base looks awesome. It has so many details! I like her guitar the most.

    But I wonder how much she will cost. x_x

  6. aos Says:

    At first I was like “YEAHHHHHHHH!” but then I looked at it for a second time….

    don’t really want it. :/ Very nice base & all… and I guess it IS true to the original. I’d probably get it if she had some type of “evil smile” instead of a “ticked off frown”… and some bright yellow twin tails too…

    Compared to VN02 though, this doesn’t even come close.

    • meronpan Says:

      yeah i had a similar reaction… love 炉心融解/meltdown (though i prefer the art much more i do the song when it comes to the hard-r.k. remix ^^;;;) … and yet something about this one seems lacking.

      the work on the guitar seems really cool, but her face just doesn’t seem right to me. as ami says the frown looks exaggerated and also i get the feeling that her head is a little too oblong?

      the base has some character for a nice change, but i must say again i prefer the original pic’s rendition. in the pic the fence thingy sort of circles around her, framing her nicely. in the figure it just looks like she’s standing in front of some run down fence ^^;;;

  7. Deses Says:

    I’m not too fond on the remix nor on the design, but I guess it’s better than yet another Miku figure.
    It would look better if the twin tails were more attached to the head, like in the drawing, so it would look more rounded.
    The base and details are amazing, though.

  8. Tate Says:

    there seems to be alot of these vocaloid offshoot figures and side projects figureized lately….and while I really like max factory I think they dropped the ball on this one.

  9. Atashi Says:

    This is too nasty looking for the sweet yet impish Rin. Pass. I’m going to wait for the Aku no Musume figurines.

  10. Robocco Says:

    Meh, not keen on the face or the hair, expected something slightly better since it’s Max’s =/

  11. cpuff94 Says:

    i-want-that…SO BADLY

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  14. Hatchuu Says:

    I was pretty psyched about a meltdown rin figure, it’s always been a wish of mine, but this is dissapointing. I’d much rather prefer one based on the original song with a more pleasant face and less of all the ornaments and stuff around her.
    Maybe more Meltdown figures will show up after this one….

  15. Ringo Says:

    I do kinda like how she looks, but gonna pass :-/
    I hope they make a Len or Luka based off a fan video sometime too

  16. Persocom Says:

    Will buy

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