Figma Tsumugi Reservation Starts!!


This new figure of “Figma Kotobuki Tsumugi School Uniform Ver.” from K-ON!, will be available this coming April 2010 by Max Factory for 2,800 Yen retail price. Hobby Search is taking reservations for her as of today.

Instant get~ Better be fast before you run out ( ^ _ ^ );


11 Responses to “Figma Tsumugi Reservation Starts!!”

  1. Atoli Says:

    Her orders filled up faster then Mio’s at AmiAmi O_o

    I made it JUST in time at Otacute @_#

  2. Ringo Says:

    And as AmiAmi should have:
    “Figma Tsumugi Reservation Ends!!” T3T

    it was less than like, maybe 10-13 minutes before she sold out there

  3. Kuroken912 Says:

    I’m surprised the Hobby Search still had her up! (Seems to be closed after 5min after I ordered lol). I like Registered SAL better, but HS doesn’t offer the Registered option ><. Oh well, but still pre-ordered! Now for Yui and Mio x.x

  4. Ami Says:

    She sold out faster than Mio & Yui. T-T What is wrong with the world?

  5. NotoriousKLG Says:

    Figures I’d miss out on my favorite character. I’m eagerly refreshing the few sites that haven’t listed her yet; if I don;t have her I will have a serious case of the sads.

  6. mily Says:

    MAN I decided to take a risk and sleep and grab her in the morning but I’ve damn missed it! I’m so upset, I didn’t think she’d sell out faster then the others.

  7. NotoriousKLG Says:

    She’s back at Otacute, go go go!

  8. Actar Says:

    Here’s a funny story.

    I usually get up at around 3 or 4 during holidays but this morning, I got up early to place my orders. So, I kept refreshing the pages, waiting for Mugi’s pre-orders to open at both AmiAmi and HobbySearch. I was ready and waiting… Then…


    I nodded off for HALF AN HOUR. When I got up, both stores had already opened up pre-orders and were completely filled. I nearly killed myself.

  9. Mr. Shen Says:

    Seriously! I missed the Mio by a few hours and was surprised the Tsumugi pre-ordered out so quickly. I’m glad to have gotten in at HobbySearch, even if shipping and handling for one thing is going to be more expensive than I’d like. :T

  10. Daniel Says:

    Pre-ordered her just now at HLJ 😀

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