Grands’ Ikaros Previews


Grands updated their Site with preview images of their upcoming new figure of “Ikaros Angelroid Suit Ver.” from Sora no Otoshimono ^^




The figure was 1st introduced at Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2009 Autumn, back in November 2009. Compared to back then, now the figure looks exactly like the initial illustration art and definitely a major improvement. Really love it and gonna wait for the finished product ^^


The figure listed with unknown date and price, but initially it was scheduled for Spring 2010 release at 9,000 Yen retail price.

Via Grands Web.


7 Responses to “Grands’ Ikaros Previews”

  1. Lelouch Says:

    will proceed with caution on this one… grands is apparently a new company formed with former member of atelier-sai…

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    The wings are lovely

  3. Panther Says:

    Atelier Sai was in it? GG no go for this figure, I was already cautious when I saw it is one-legged.

    Alright Alter bring us some Ikaros.

  4. Ami Says:

    I love the sculpt but I rather not risk it buying from a new company. I’ll wait after she’s been released to see if I want it or not.

  5. Actar Says:

    Oh, my, goodness… Looks absolutely fantastic.

  6. Ashlotte Says:

    Can’t say as I like how her face came out, but the rest looks quite nice.

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