Cerberus Project’s Fate Previews


At this upcoming Wonder Festival 2010 Winter on Febuary 7th, 2010, Cerberus Project will be showcasing a number of their new products, which will include this new 1/6 scale Action Figure of “Fate Testarossa” from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st ^^







The figure will be part of their 6CAF – Creative Action Figure line up. Also keep in mind that it’s still considered a Garage Kit, so you can expect a hefty price for it.

Think of it as the HQ version of the Figma, similar to ActSta ^^;

Via fg Site.


6 Responses to “Cerberus Project’s Fate Previews”

  1. zh3us Says:

    so? how many of you dudes have died to the last pic?

  2. Atoli Says:

    “Resin kit” killed it for me.

  3. fdfs Says:

    what this has over figma’s is “dat ass” wow…

  4. phossil Says:

    Wonder what would be the price?

  5. Ami Says:

    She looks lovely but not a must get for me.

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