Figma Azunyan & Figma Ritsu Previews


Look at the promotional poster ( ^ _ ^ )


Looks like we’ll be able to see more on the BRS anime also.



8 Responses to “Figma Azunyan & Figma Ritsu Previews”

  1. Nopy Says:

    I’m not that big of a fan of figmas, but looking forward to more BRS ^.^

  2. Mikumiku Says:

    i know wats the 100th nendoroid……….

  3. Atoli Says:

    Glee~ I’m so freakin excited xD

  4. yuuichikun Says:

    I freaked out when I saw the tweet about this xD AZU-NYAN FIGMA xD xD xD <3!!! Can't wait! ^o^

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