Black Rock Shooter Garage Kit


Really cool looking 1/8 scale Garage Kit of “Black Rock Shooter Anime Ver. ~Black Blade Ver.~” that could pass as an official release ^^;

Keep in mind that this is not by Good Smile Company and the kit was sold during Wonder Festival 2010 Winter event earlier this month.








This person is definitely a pro, and it look much better than the original painted Garage Kit by Grimrock!.





The painter also mentioned that since the “flame” isn’t made with translucent material, he used a fluorescent paint for it which gives out that glowing effect when exposed to light (Smart!!).


Definitely look similar with the GSC version since both used the same illustration, although personally, I actually prefer the face on this kit than the GSC’s one ^^;

Trust me, quite a number of people aren’t really fond with the face on GSC’s version.

Via fg Site.


11 Responses to “Black Rock Shooter Garage Kit”

  1. Leonia Says:

    I really like the face of this one ^^

  2. YuKi-To Says:

    yes I agree, this one’s better than GSC’s

  3. roboko Says:

    Wow, the fluorescent flame looks really good for BRS. I also love the way they’ve painted her eyes

  4. aos Says:

    Oh wow. Definitely a pro! Stunning work… and the face is just perfect!

  5. Ashlotte Says:

    I like her so much more with the blade instead of the Gun…always amazes me peoples skill at painting GKs though…O.O

  6. Zanber Says:

    I don’t think GSC version eyes are bad, just that this one is better.

  7. mikumiku Says:

    where can i get this!!!! SOMEONE PLZ RESPOND!!!

    • Ichigo69 Says:

      Unfortunately, you probably can’t. Unless you can manage to track down the guy who did this and offer him a shitload of yen/ruples/pounds/deutsche marks/euro/dollars/pesos/etc for it

  8. mikumiku Says:

    aaahhhhhh want it badly :DDDDD

  9. Reltair Says:

    It’s hard to beat a custom painted garage kit by a pro.

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