Custom Kamen Rider Decade Nendoroid Miku Add-On


Really cool looking custom costume add-on for “Nendoroid Hatsune Miku” featuring Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form from Kamen Rider Decade, complete with henshin cards Vocaloid Ver. ^^

The add-on can be used on any Nendoroid Hatsune Miku version, including Snow Miku and others.


He also made others which include a Gundam Exia version of it.






I personally more impressed on the details of the Decade add-on ^^;

Via fg Site.


13 Responses to “Custom Kamen Rider Decade Nendoroid Miku Add-On”

  1. Nopy Says:

    I wonder if they’re going to make more add-ons for other nendoroids too.

  2. Donpablo Says:

    O_O ….. I want this Now please.

  3. Hatchuu Says:

    Add-ons for nendoroids would be awesome, apart from the room sets. Extra specific faces or peices would be excellent 😀 And these ones are really detailed OwO

  4. Kouji-kun Says:


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  6. Fariz Asuka Says:

    If this was on sale, I WANT IT!!

  7. Ashlotte Says:

    Oh wow those are pretty freaking awesome!

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  11. Setiawan DirgantaRa Says:

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  12. kely Says:

    Kamen Rider is so cool! They now even have Kamen Rider iPad carry bag for otaku

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