Nendoroid Takane Manaka Previews


Mikatan udpated her Blog with preview images of the upcoming “Nendoroid Takane Manaka” from Love Plus by Good Smile Company ^^






Reservations will open tomorrow.

Via Mikatan’s Blog.


8 Responses to “Nendoroid Takane Manaka Previews”

  1. Atoli Says:

    Kinda dull and the closed eye face has been used so much ^^ Gonna pass. Though still cute~

  2. Lightoss Says:


  3. lovelyduckie Says:

    No idea who Takane Manaka is, but I really love that ponytail.

  4. aos Says:

    Since I don’t know much about the game LovePlus, I’m basing all my decisions on the actual look & sculpt of the nendoroid… It’s quite plain… too plain. 😦

    It’s a pass for me, and a pass on the other loveplus nendos too- I personally think Manaka is the cutest out of all of them(in nendoroid form, atleast).

    I like that big smiley OuO face though… I can imagine miku with it right now.

  5. SirusRiddler Says:

    Where’s my Nene?

  6. wawapiko Says:

    She looks good an instant get :3
    Can’t wait for Rinko’s painted version 🙂

  7. Kate Says:

    Cute, but dull like everyone else has said. I like her kissy face and that O_O one is amusing but ehhhh I have better things to spend my money on -coughRemilianendocough-

  8. phossil Says:


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