Wave’s Taiga Previews


Preview images of the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Aisaka Taiga Chinese Dress Ver.” from Toradora! by Wave ^^




Unfortunately, the figure will be another exclusive and can only be bought through Dengeki Online Shop. Reservations already opened and will run through  until June 14th, 2010. The figure itself is scheduled for November 2010 release at 6,500 Yen retail price. You can place your order Here.

Via Dengeki Site.


5 Responses to “Wave’s Taiga Previews”

  1. Preview de Aisaka Taiga Chinese Dress Version - figuradictos Says:

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  2. Ashlotte Says:

    gg yet another Taiga exclusive…*sigh*

  3. aos Says:

    Ugh… this is the first time I ever felt like buying a Wave figure, and it’s limited edition. Guess I won’t be getting her. :/

    It’s a very nice sculpt however! I personally don’t think It’s worth 6500Y though, not to mention the extra costs due to the fact that it’s a japan-only item.

  4. bubbletea Says:

    She’s so cute…! I wish that they would make a figma/nendoroid for her already, though. :< (And one that's *NOT* an exclusive would be super..!)

  5. Kodomo VS Tiger « Says:

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