FREEing’s Nendoroid Reina Reservation Starts!!


This new figure of “Nendoroid Reina” from Queen’s Blade, will be available this coming July 2010 for 3,500 Yen retail price. Hobby Search is taking reservations for her as of today.

Might get one ( ^ _ ^ );


7 Responses to “FREEing’s Nendoroid Reina Reservation Starts!!”

  1. softz Says:

    She is cute!!!

  2. glockenpop Says:

    Biggest boobs on a nendo everrr? XD

  3. FireDigits Says:

    Cute. But I wonder if they will release nendos for all the QB characters.

  4. Ami Says:

    hmmm… this is kind of an usual nendoroid. GSC really likes to make figures from series that are popular no matter what it is. Not sure if I want. I don’t like Reina much. :S

  5. aos Says:

    I’m reacting to this Reina Nendo the same way I reacted to the Priecia Nendo from Prism Ark. It’s a nice design & sculpt, but I’m just not feeling it for some reason. I think what makes her awesome is all the detail on her sculpt, but this can also be distracting. Ugh so tempting!

  6. Atoli Says:

    Hm, she doesn’t have much accessories or poses to go in. She kinda seems like a quick throw into the bunch =x

    If they make Melona will instant get but I doubt that will happen.

  7. [Notorious KLG] Says:

    Pre-ordered! I love QB and I hope they make a mess more of these.

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