ClalaClan Swimsuit Previews


Preview scans featuring the upcoming 1/7 scale figure of “ClalaClan Swimsuit Ver.” from Shining Wind by Max Factory ^^



The figure is scheduled for October 2010 release at 6,800 Yen retail price.

Via 2chan.


5 Responses to “ClalaClan Swimsuit Previews”

  1. Ami Says:

    She looks like a mermaid. Simply stunning! 🙂

  2. K Says:

    I hate you MAX FAC! At least give me time to catch my breath after all that preordering >__<

  3. Devastator001 Says:

    Her Skin’s so silky looking! @_@ I’m Flabbergasted

  4. Reltair Says:

    Man, Max Factory is just pumping out those Shining Wind swimsuit figures.

  5. Wandy Says:

    I love her nice bikini body *drools*. Time to buy her.

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