Figma Michael Jackson Previews


Preview scans featuring the upcoming “Figma Michael Jackson Thriller Ver.” by Max Factory ^^


The figure is scheduled for July 2010 release at 2,800 Yen retail price.

Via 2chan.

8 Responses to “Figma Michael Jackson Previews”

  1. garturo62 Says:

    cool still waiting for mickey

  2. Otts Says:

    I would burst into tears if they made a Freddie Mercury one.

  3. glockenpop Says:

    OMGGG The thriller dance hands. ❤

  4. Ami Says:

    This is actually really cool but I don’t see how a Michael Jackson figma would fit in my “anime” figure collection. xD

  5. Alteisen Says:

    They have to make a Smooth Criminal version.

  6. TariTari Says:


    I agree.

  7. Netto Says:


  8. SASHIMI @ [[feat. Chae-gyung and Shin]] -- Figma Thriller Michael Jackson Says:

    […] May 25, 2010 @ 2:48 am I am no fan of Michael Jackson, but I thought this was interesting enough to share. Also, some Michael Jackson fans might accidentally come across this blog. 😛 Photo from Ngee Khiong With a retail price of 2,800YEN, it will be released on July 2010. Image courtesy of Information from WCLOUDX(KUMO)’s Blog. […]

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