May 2010 Haul – Part 2

More arrived earlier:






– Hattori Hanzo (Alter)
– Goddess of Forest Elwing (Kotobukiya)
– Figma Higurashi Kagome (Max Factory)
– Figma Tsuchimiya Kagura (Max Factory)
– Figma Subaru Nakajima Barrier Jacket Ver. (Max Factory)
– Figma Hirasawa Yui Schoo Uniform Ver. (Max Factory)
– Figma Kotobuki Tsumugi School Uniform Ver. (Max Factory)
– Nendoroid Plus Plushie Series 10: Takamachi Nanoha (Gift)
– Nendoroid Plus Plushie Series 11: Fate Testarossa (Gift)

Been a while since I got this many loot. Elwing is definitely BIG!! ( > _ < )~


12 Responses to “May 2010 Haul – Part 2”

  1. Kimonotaku Says:

    OMG Elwing has a huge box O__O almost like a Seed Destiny MG box. Maybe you can compare it with a normal 1/100 gundam or a DVD case just for get an idea of how large and big this stuff is =D

  2. Ian Says:

    shitload……. would be the correct term

  3. Actar Says:

    ARGH!!! CURSE YOU GOLDEN WEEK!!! Thanks to you, all my loot from HS, HLJ and AmiAmi and my proxy service are delayed…

    Do you seriously know how long I’ve waited for a Ga-Rei Zero figure? Not to mention those plushies… (T.T)

  4. optimisticpenguin Says:

    hmm nice haul 🙂

    Feels like I haven’t bought figures in ages, but I am jsut waiting on a few, not many at the mo that I want to buy 😛

  5. Devastator001 Says:

    My Elwing is coming next week can’t wait ^_^

  6. Ami Says:

    How do you always manage to get your stuff so early on? :0

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      Hmmm, don’t think I did anything special. Just need to check release dates and stuffs. Once you confirmed them, then just bundled them up with those with similar dates.

      EMS also play a big part. Took around 3-4 days at most to reach my place ^^;

  7. evolution Says:

    Wow how did you manage to get Figma Yui? Can’t seem to find her anywhere 😦

  8. Reltair Says:

    Nice shipment of loots! I usually go with SAL shipping whenever possible to save money, so I have to wait longer. 😦

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