Hobby Japan’s Sai Nyan Preview


A preview scan featuring the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Taimashi Sai Nyan” from Queen’s Blade Rebellion by Hobby Japan, in collaboration with MegaHouse ^^

The figure will be bundled together with the release of the new Visual Book volume of the character, scheduled for October 2010 release at 8,400 Yen retail price.

Via 2chan.

4 Responses to “Hobby Japan’s Sai Nyan Preview”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    You know if I wouldnt know that this is a guy….but Only buying Sanyan wouldnt make sense…. Decisions Decisions

  2. Persocom Says:


  3. NyaHoshi Says:

    Kinda ugly ^^;;

  4. NotoriousKLG Says:

    The fact that this is a trap makes the “keep out” over the chest extra hilarious.

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