Movic’s Excalibur Umbrella Previews + Reservations


Movic is going to release one of the most expensive umbrella ever, featuring Saber’s Triumphant Excalibur sword based on the recent Fate/Stay Night ~Unlimited Blade Works~ movie ^^;


This impressive 1/1 scale Excalibur Umbrella will be sold complete with Avalon as the cover. It will be made up of Nylon + Steel and ABS for the handle. The Avalon umbrella cover will be entirely made from PVC.



The umbrella will be up for 10,000 Yen retail price and looks set for August 12th, 2010 release. You can place your order over at Animate.

Via Movic Web.

10 Responses to “Movic’s Excalibur Umbrella Previews + Reservations”

  1. lightningsabre Says:

    OMG! So expensive, but so WAAANNNNT!!!

  2. YuKi-To Says:

    the last pose is indeed the true pose for holding an umbrella

  3. G.K. Sil Kamina Says:

    Now that’s an awesome umbrella. Way too much money, though.

  4. meronpan Says:

    this is hilariously awesome ^__^

    wonder if it’s built to withstand typhoon season…

  5. Guy Says:

    Some things are neat, but in the end, they’re merely gimmicks.

    If they had dispensed with the PVC cover, and made it priced normally, it’d be neat.

  6. lovelyduckie Says:

    lol that’s an awesomely amusing umbrella, it will enhance the costumes of people that cosplay as Saber in the rain. Although I have no idea how frequently that situation might happen.

  7. K Says:

    If I had that, I’d be praying for more rain. I know it’s just another gimmick, but damn—- it just had to be Excalibur…

  8. TheFuzzy Says:

    Oh god the awesomeness. It’s a little out of my budget though :/

  9. Reltair Says:

    10,000 yen? Sigh…

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