Figma Misaka Mikoto Preview


A preview scan featuring the upcoming “Figma Misaka Mikoto” from To Aru Majutsu no Index ^^

Unfortunately, looks like it’ll be bundled with the upcoming To Aru Majutsu no Index game for the PSP. The bundle is scheduled for Winter 2010 release at 9,429 Yen retail price.

Via Figure/GK.

10 Responses to “Figma Misaka Mikoto Preview”

  1. miokanii Says:

    definite get.

  2. Reirika Says:

    Even though she doesn’t looks as good as the custom one that Actar showed us, this is definitely a get, XD I’m just hoping to get Kuroko too

  3. lightningsabre Says:

    Willing to buy the game for this figure ^_^

  4. SirusRiddler Says:

    Damn it, they just HAD to make this a special edition one.

    I remember seeing the custom figma from an earlier post. Pretty spot it seems.

  5. phossil Says:

    This mean it will be a PSP exclusive??

  6. NyaHoshi Says:

    2 more images of her

  7. Reltair Says:

    They’re using figmas to sell copies of the game, sigh. Too bad their strategy works.

  8. NyaHoshi Says:

    She’s up for pre-order already –

  9. konakonaotaku Says:

    the custom 1 looks MUCH bettr imo

    all i can say is i hope goodsmile makes shugo-chara figmas *o* would rlly liek 2 c how amu would come out

  10. mokou-tan Says:

    wonder if we could get her seperate, hope they make second release without the game

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