Yamato’s Asuka Reservation Starts!!


This new figure of “Asuka Langley Soryu” from Neon Genesis Evangelion, will be available this coming November 2010 by Yamato for 8,800 Yen retail price. Hobby Search is taking reservations for her as of today.

Pretty, but gonna pass ( ^ _ ^ );

6 Responses to “Yamato’s Asuka Reservation Starts!!”

  1. Guy Says:

    Is this like Yoko, “Real Version”?

    Yamashita, so not surprising she looks like a pin-up girl. Exceedingly pretty though.

    • pedropinilla Says:

      But even if she’s a yamashita version I’m not getting this one because there’s something that lacks on her.

  2. aos Says:

    This figure is really nice, but honestly Alter’s is far better in my opinion.
    not to mention, Alter’s is cheaper too. In the end, this figure is very basic. Generic pose, and nice face- but that’s it. Oh and, amazing body haha. Alter’s has no skin showing but this version does. Wonder if that’s enough to sway a person.

  3. Zanber Says:

    You can’t really compare this to Alter version… it’s obviously going for more “realistic” + grown up(?) version of Asuka. It is not intended to satisfy same aspect as anime versions.

    That being said, she is not my cup of tea either.

  4. Actar Says:

    Personally speaking, if a figure doesn’t represent the character it is trying to portray accurately, I’ll give it a pass. Personally, I’m not a fan of the ‘Real’ style either.

    After all, that’s why I’m so obsessed with reality-escaping Anime in the first place. (^.^;)

  5. garturo62 Says:

    @Actar well said.

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