Max’s Hatsune Miku T2 Preview


A preview scan featuring the upcoming scale figure of “Hatsune Miku Tony Taka Ver.” by Max Factory ^^

No price or date yet. This is going to be good~

Via 2chan.

5 Responses to “Max’s Hatsune Miku T2 Preview”

  1. yanderesuki Says:

    woot looks great cant wait for it to come out~

  2. aos Says:

    It looks better than I thought it would! The pose doesn’t look so awkward anymore, and the hair sculpt is very nice.

    The decision maker here though is the price… you have to remember, GSC is making that stunning Miku Love is War figure… this one doesn’t stand a chance against it in terms of sculpt- the price is what will really matter.

  3. lovelyduckie Says:

    Oh wow, if I like the paint job I’ll be sold. I’m glad I skipped the MF version 1, it looked too much like the GSC version for me to feel comfortable buying it. But the flow created by her hair/pose in this one seems wonderful.

  4. Reltair Says:

    Oh man, another good Miku figure coming up. I need to make space for her.

  5. Hobby Japan August Issue Highlights Says:

    […] blog: [1] [2] […]

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