Figma Senjougahara & Figma Koyomi Previews


A preview image featuring the upcoming “Figma Senjougahara Hitagi” and “Figma Araragi Koyomi”, both from Bakemonogatari, by Max Factory ^^

Just Prototypes for now. More info should be out during Wonder Festival 2010 Summer next week.

Via Figure/GK.


7 Responses to “Figma Senjougahara & Figma Koyomi Previews”

  1. Nega3 Says:

    They’re making Konomi too? Awesome. One thing though, I SERIOUSLY hope Tsubasa get’s a figma. She’s my favourite of the three. ^^

  2. SirusRiddler Says:

    I’d be happy just to get my hands on Senjougahara (haha, that sounds dirty) just because I don’t think I can afford to get the rest of the cast.

  3. NyaHoshi Says:

    That will be my first male figma~

    • NyaHoshi Says:

      Oh wait, I have Len…but he’s girly.

      • aos Says:

        Len is not girly! How could you say that 😛

        On a side note, these figmas look nice. GSC already made puchi’s, so I doubt they would make full size nendos of these characters too. Since there is no nendo- I’ll definitely get the figmas!

        Just 9 more days until Wonfes! Slowly, we get to see what GSC is planning to put on display! I cannot wait!

    • NyaHoshi Says:

      Me either, I’m really excited. i hope they eventually make all the characters from the series.

    • Reltair Says:

      Me too, Araragi is a pro male lead.

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